Sep 5, 2017 - CranioSacral confidence
I've had two CSR sessions with Alyssa Frey recently to address a problem with my foot (plantar fasciitis). As with any therapeutic approach as potentially subtle as CSR I must rely on seeing her certifications and credentials as well as my own intuition and heart. I felt very comfortable with Alyssa and feel confident that she has the experience and knowledge to (literally) bring to the table. I had some pretty amazing experiences on her table as helped me release some held tension. - Carl Hagelin  

Sep 3, 2017 - Helped with digestion and mobility
Alyssa has treated both of my sons as infants. She helped tremendously with my first son's torticollis and gave him much better range of motion. He was very colicky, and the symptoms subsided after multiple treatments. Alyssa taught me how connected the neck is to the gut. With my second son she helped again with his digestive issues and gas but also with his latch. This was my first time being exposed to CST, and although I was skeptical at first, the results speak for themselves! - Kerry

August 8, 2017 - Alyssa is amazing!
I have been going on and off to Alyssa for almost 10 year. She does an incredible job and is so loving and caring. I feel better every time I go. I highly recommend her.- Elissa Malespina 

July 29, 2017 - Fantastic Therapist
Alyssa is just great. She has been treating my daughter since she was a newborn (for over a year now). She helped alleviate some nursing issues and neck and leg tightness Cindy was experiencing as a baby. I am certain that this therapy will aid in her development. Additionally, I love our appointments because Alyssa is so nice to be around and Cindy likes her too! - Dana LoSapio

June 28, 2017 - New Motherhood Life Saver
I experienced a traumatic birth, followed by many breastfeeding difficulties. After seeing lactation consultants and seeking support from medical professionals, a yoga teacher suggested I contact Alyssa. After one session there was a significant improvement in my son's nursing - it was like he was a different baby! A few sessions later, breastfeeding has become a wonderful, pain-free experience for us, and his sleeping also improved. (And, Alyssa is a very special, caring person.). - Erin and Miles Celia

October 3, 2015 - Alyssa is an amazing therapist

I took my 3 month old daughter Natalie to see her at the recommendation of a Physical a Therapist, who felt that my daughters hearing loss could be partially a result of tightness in her neck. After seeing Alyssa 3 times my daughter passed her hearing test, is moving her head to both sides, and is meeting her milestones early. If your baby is having any difficulties with movement or medical issues I highly recommend trying Craniosacral therapy! - Jamie Fugowski

September 29, 2015 - Truly integral to saving my life
I really feel that Alyssa has had a huge part in saving my life. I don't say that lightly. I was very sick in 2014 and hospitalized with an undiagnosed condition that mimicked seizures and stroke. Traditional medicine was only able to provide psychiatric medications to calm my nervous system. With the help of Alyssa and other holistic practitioners I am off of all medications. Alyssa taught me to listen to my body's cues and gave me tools to calm myself when needed. I still go every month. - Kelly Heinze

September 27, 2015 - Absolutely Amazing
I took my infant who had a tongue and lip tie revision for some bodywork. She was struggling to nurse effectively and we were both suffering even weeks after the revisions. After just one peaceful visit to Alyssa, my baby is 99% improved. I had a huge smile of joy on my face all evening after our visit. I'm so impressed and relieved. - Meaghan Lorenz

September 23, 2015 - Highly recommend working with Alyssa
We recently worked with Alyssa with our four week old to address tongue tie and its associated effects. She was supportive, honest, and most helpful in explaining her procedure and treatment plan and what we should look out for and work on ourselves. After 4 sessions our daughters tension patterns had released. We were very impressed by Alyssa and her professionalism. Highly recommend without reservations. - Erin M


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