This monthly program incorporates several therapists treating members of a family at the same time in the same room. This approach focuses on the family system because family members are interconnected. For instance, if one individual in a family is experiencing an issue, it can directly impact the entire family unit. 

This day will be helpful for:

  • Adults who suffer from back/neck pain, TMJ, migraines, stress reduction
  • Children who've suffered from a concussion, sensory processing, learning difficulties, orthodontic issues
  • Babies who suffer from torticollis, feeding issues, colic, plagiocephaly, sleep issues

To schedule, email Alyssa for details.

New York City

  • December 7 (Saturday)

Maplewood, NJ

  • January 2 (Thursday)
  • January 3 (Friday)
  • February 6 (Thursday)
  • March 12 (Thursday)
  • April 9 (Thursday)

Alyssa Frey, MS, OTR/L, CST-T

CranioSacral and Occupational Therapist

By applying gentle CST to moms during pregnancy, the babies have the best possible opportunity to begin their lives free of structural restriction and prepare them to develop and mature into well-adjusted children and adults. CST addresses structural issues and stress related to the mother and the birthing process.  

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Multiple Hands Day

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Upcoming Dates

Comprehensive Family Day

This is a special monthly program where several therapists assist me during my treatment sessions. Several therapists working together can access more of the CranioSacral system. For example, one therapist can be treating an individual’s neck while another is working on their hip. The rationale is that this can expedite the healing process because more of the system can be addressed simultaneously. The CranioSacral system includes the structures from the top of the head to the base of the spine, which is why the results can be more effective. ​

Pregnancy Day